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From the Head of School

Welcome to our 166th academic year at Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich. This year, we return to reconnect our energies to the education of youth as members of a vibrant, mission-centered Sacred Heart community. As a school, we advocate for the values of faith, intellectual depth, service, community building, and well-informed decision making. These are the skills that our students will need in the 21st century, as they face an era of rapid change.

Since our School’s founding in 1848, Sacred Heart has educated students to become leaders and to transform society. Our accomplished alumnae are testimony to the commitment of our distinguished faculty and they embody the mission of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, who established the Society of the Sacred Heart.

St. Madeleine Sophie continues to inspire me today. She said, “I would have founded the Society for the sake of a single child.” She was a child of war - the French Revolution, who knew only too well the effects of terror and violence on society. She was a courageous woman, whose formation and transformation took place in chaotic times, not unlike today. She was living proof that an individual with a generous heart, coupled with strong intellectual capabilities and a devotion to education, could become an inspirational leader.

Our School focuses on the principles St. Madeleine Sophie taught, which are the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education. At Sacred Heart, we regard education as our sacred task and we educate to the following five Goals and Criteria:
  1. A personal and active faith in God
  2. A deep respect for intellectual values
  3. A social awareness which impels to action
  4. The building of community as a Christian value
  5. Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
From preschool through twelfth grade, our students are expected to achieve their highest level of scholarship, while learning to assume leadership roles as responsible, compassionate and contributing members of society.

The Barat Center for Early Childhood Education is housed in a beautifully outfitted cottage on our campus with the latest educational offerings for students in preschool and prekindergarten. The Barat Center admits boys into the preschool and prekindergarten program. We continue to be an all girls’ school from kindergarten through grade 12.

Our faculty is called to their work to provide intentionally strong relationships with our students, to give them guidance, and to foster within them a vibrant curiosity about learning. Our teachers are committed to their own ongoing growth as professionals, learning from, and supporting, each other. When they model this type of leadership, our students reap the benefits.

Each year, Sacred Heart adopts a theme and for the 2014-2015 year our focus will be on “Imagine.” We want our students to be inspired to approach knowledge not as an end point, but as the beginning of a deeper questioning that sparks the evolution of new ideas and captures new ways to problem solve.

We hope you will join us on this remarkable journey.

Pamela Juan Hayes ’64
Head of School
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