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The Sacred Heart academic program provides a strong educational foundation that enables students to become competent, independent and creative thinkers. Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process, constructing their own learning through exploration of the world, inquiry and the process of discovery. An interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students discover and understand the relevance of all subject areas. The strength of each program lies in the development of higher order thinking skills. Students are expected to analyze, criticize, evaluate and make important connections with the concepts they learn. This approach to education fosters the development of a student who is open to learning and the joys of life.

Science and Technology: Defining New Horizons
Today’s 21st-century student must learn in creative and innovative ways and be engaged on many individualized levels to foster skills in collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication.

We believe technology can radically transform the ways teachers and students interact with information and with each other to enhance and expand the learning process. It is important to investigate and adopt emerging technologies within multidimensional learning approaches that empower our students in discovery, thus helping to cultivate life-long learners.

Sacred Heart’s faculty members are dedicated to helping students develop their talents in science and technology to identify their aptitude for careers in related fields. To facilitate students’ studies, technology has been fully integrated into the curriculum at Convent of the Sacred Heart—across academic disciplines and at all grade levels. Every classroom in the Barat Center for Early Childhood Education, each Middle and Lower School computer lab, as well as all offices on campus are networked through a fiber-optic backbone to our file, print, database, email and Web servers. The iPad is in use beginning in Lower School. Students in fifth and sixth grade use Netbooks and grades 7-12 participate in our laptop program. Robotics, computer science courses, participation in the Online School for Girls, the science research program, and our charter membership in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Center round out our focus on science and technology.

Dedicated Teachers Create Rich Learning Experiences
Inspired by ongoing professional development, faculty members bring passion and innovation to every learning experience. More than 77 percent of faculty members hold master’s degrees and eight faculty members have PhDs. Individual teaching styles are complemented by a common commitment to all-girls’ education and the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart. Faculty regularly participate in workshops, summer study, curriculum development, travel and research, as well as serve as personal and academic advisors, club advisors and coaches.
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