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The joyous and active Convent of the Sacred Heart community enlivens our Greenwich campus throughout the school year. Our students are very serious about their studies, and Sacred Heart provides many exciting opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Students enhance their education with study abroad through our international exchange program, service-learning, the national Online School for Girls, and participation in national conferences and competitions. Our science research program puts our students in the labs of world-class researchers and charter membership in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center makes it possible for students to study under instructors at the center.

Convent of the Sacred Heart provides its students with a full array of programs and activities focused on facilitating personal development and supporting students through the academic challenges of a Sacred Heart education. Opportunities are created for students from each division to work together and support one another in a variety of ways. For example, Upper School students attend the kindergarten’s “Publishing Party.” Second-graders invite the entire school to their annual Wax Museum which not only is a culmination of their biographical study, but a fundraiser for our sister school in Uganda. Middle School students demonstrate their projects at “Science Fridays.” The enthusiasm students share at these events is integral to the spirit of the School.

Sacred Heart students participate in many special events, including the Mother-Daughter Liturgies in the Middle and Upper School, Grandparents’ and Special Visitors’ Day in Lower School, the Father-Daughter Dinner Dances, and the Junior-Senior Prom.

Congé, Field Days, Prize Days, athletic games, art shows, concerts, plays and many other events fill out the school calendar. Students produce major theatrical productions, govern the student body as members of the Student Council in Middle and Upper School and publish their own newspapers and literary magazines. The outstanding Broadcast Journalism program, the online newspaper, King Street Chronicle, and the literary magazines consistently win top national awards.

Our students participate in local, regional and national academic competitions, as well as local and regional athletic events, where they interact with peers from other schools. Music, dance, dramatic readings and gallery art shows are also important parts of Sacred Heart’s culture and experience.

Green and White Teams at Sacred Heart
Traditions help build community spirit. One of our most important traditions involves competitive games and activities—such as Field Day and Spirit Week—based on the School’s colors—green and white. Students new to Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich become lifelong members of either the Green or White Team. Girls whose mothers or siblings are alumnae are placed on the same team, thus carrying on the family tradition. The teams compete throughout the year, earning points at both class and division levels. The Committee of Games—composed of Green and White captains elected from each class in the Upper School, with a senior serving as head—organizes the events and activities for preschool through twelfth grade.

Multiculturalism on Campus
As a member of the international Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich is called to educate all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic background.

Multiculturalism is a concept deeply rooted in the traditions of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We believe that a multicultural and multiracial population is more likely to build a community committed to dismantling the barriers often associated with the issues of race, economics and geography.

Respect for multiculturalism is reflected not only in our School community, but also in our institutional structure, culture and environment. The faculty, administration and Board of Trustees are committed to creating a more diverse school community that will reflect modern society, enrich the education of our students, and fulfill the Sacred Heart mission of "building community."

The Cultural Awareness for Everyone Committee (CAFE) is comprised of students, faculty, staff and parents. As a committee, CAFE has formulated five goals and tactics for the School’s multicultural initiatives:
  • Goal One: Raise the awareness and appreciation of diversity within the Sacred Heart community. CAFE hosts annual workshops and actively cultivates awareness of multiculturalism on campus.
  • Goal Two: Assess and broaden the multicultural focus of the curriculum in terms of perspective and content. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration is but one of several events held annually.
  • Goal Three: Attract and retain faculty, staff and administration of diverse backgrounds. Convent of the Sacred Heart actively recruits faculty, staff and administration of diverse backgrounds.
  • Goal Four: Attract and retain students of diverse backgrounds. Convent of the Sacred Heart actively recruits students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Goal Five: Counsel the faculty, staff, students, parents and administration on how to interact effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds.
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