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Middle School celebrates Prize Day


The Middle School celebrated Prize Day on Wednesday, June 2 with parents, grandparents and siblings in attendance. Awards and recognition were given for school leadership, perfect attendance, campus ministry, scholarship, arts, athletics, sportsmanship, school spirit, and community service.

Head of School Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 presented the following awards:

• Philippine Duchesne Award to Christina Huchro

• Janet Erskine Stuart Award to Maggie Ellison

• Headmistress Leadership Award to Jacqueline Thomas

• Kara DiGiovanna Award to Jordan Cohen

• School Spirit Awards to Alexandra Massello, Kendall Fitzgerald, Claren Hesburgh, Margot McCloskey

• Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 Spirit Award to Madison Sirabella

Maggie O’Neill, the Student Council president for 2009-10, addressed the assembly. “There is a saying which, in my view, can easily be adapted to describe a Sacred Heart experience. ‘You can take the girl out of Sacred Heart, but you can’t take Sacred Heart out of the girl.’

“Whether you are a student here for one year or for fifteen, Sacred Heart becomes a part of you. I think it is fair to say that Sacred Heart is not just a school, but a way of life. We are a proudly unique school to any other I know. The culture of our school reflects how we think, how we act and how we react, and we don’t just leave this notion behind as we walk out the door for the weekend, for summer vacation, as we move from Lower, to Middle, to Upper School, or when we graduate. These notions stay with us and help to define what kind of individuals we are.

"When a student first arrives at Sacred Heart, the importance of the Goals and Criteria quickly become evident. Not only are they declared in our handbook, but they are truly brought to life by each member of the community. In my view, this is what makes Sacred Heart unique to other schools.

“Within the context of Sacred Heart, we as a Middle School stand strong with our own identity. We are not just a place where people go between the fun, formative times of lower school and the rigorous, defining times of high school. The Middle School at Sacred Heart is filled with its own learning, growing and excitement. Our goal for this school year was to work, give and play with heart. I think we can all agree that this aptly describes the culture of our Middle School this past year,” said Ms. O’Neill.


The following students were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements and named “Barat Scholars.”  By grade, they are:

Fifth grade:

Caroline Butler

Fiona Cahill

Erin Carroll

Grace Cashman

Jade Cohen

Olivia Coyle

Kristen Davis

Natalie Davis

Jodanna Domond

Chloe Frelinghuysen

Caroline Johnston

Mackenzie Jordan

Clare Keeney

Arielle Kirven

Caroline Kulak

Lizzy Kupersmith

Emily Lashendock

Molly Longson

Alexandra Massello

Anna Mederer

Emily Micciulli

Laura Navarrete

Kendall Newman

Christina Normile

Shannon Pyne

Alexandra Yu

Catriona Zaniewski

Sixth grade:

Lucy Alderson-Smith

Sofia Barbosa

Isabella Caponiti

Kendall Fitzgerald

Isla Forster

Caroline Geithner

Jasmine Kitahara

Caleigh Kupersmith

Alexandra Lilly

Elizabeth Mastoloni

Kelly McLaughlin

Francesca Narea

Sabine Nix

Alessandra Nocco

Natasha Otton

Malavika Pande

Victoria Paternina

Sarah Poling

Gabrielle Sanchez

Isabella Sio

Grace Sutherland

Cynthia Thomas

Seventh grade:

Sarah Banker

Celia Garrett

Grace Isford

Alice Millerchip

Natalie Paletta

Eighth grade:

Bianca Chiappelloni

Margaret Ellison

Christina Huchro

Jane Mikus

Audrey Moukattaf

Marisa Nobs

Alexandra Small

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