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Alumnae Reflections

"As a member of the Barat Foundation, I was able to experience an entirely new type of "giving back." I joined the board my freshman year. As my involvement increased, it expanded my awareness and social consciousness. It continues to have an enormous impact on my life to the degree in which I have gotten involved on my college campus, and worked to increase my awareness about the good works that others are doing and how we, even as students, have the means to help them continue their mission. "
- Lauren Manning ’09

"The four years I spent as a board member of the Barat Foundation compelled me to realize philanthropy as a tangible concept. Participating in a foundation with a real endowment not only provided education in financial literacy, but helped me develop a sense of confidence and, eventually, eloquence when presenting on topics I felt passionate about. Guided by a strong mission statement and a tenacious sense of purpose, the women of the Barat Foundation had a profound impact on my high school experience."
- Clare McCarrick ’08

"Being a member of the Barat Foundation was instrumental in gaining both knowledge and firsthand experience of philanthropy and non-profit organizations. The ability for young women to change lives, whether domestically or internationally, is a powerful and meaningful opportunity that each member of the Barat Foundation is given. I credit the foundation for being instrumental in my decision for pursuing projects during college that involve bettering the lives of others. I know that the lessons learned while being a member will be incorporated in my life as I begin my career."
- Alaina Betancourt ’08

"Being a member of the Barat Foundation has given me the opportunity to experience the functions of a board, to familiarize myself with financial terms and gain financial literacy, to work in a field not easily accessible to young adults and women, and most of all to develop a philanthropic spirit."
- Ursina Beerli ’05

"The Barat Foundation is truly a blessing which has had a substantial impact on my life…Within just a few months of college I have already had the opportunity to utilize my knowledge of mission statements and by-laws in drafting a community service proposal. Membership on the Barat Foundation has, in fact, instilled within me such an appreciation for philanthropy that I now intend to incorporate it into my later life as I begin my career."
- Calista E. Quintalti ’05

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