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Barat Foundation
Stamford Youth Soccer League, Stamford CT
  • Stamford Youth Soccer League is a summer soccer camp for underprivileged children and teenagers.
  • More than 60 children attend the 5 week program during the summer.
  • Many of the children who go through the program come back and become volunteers.
  • Granted $1000 to expand the program and offer new opportunities to the children, such as a trip to a Metro game.
Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood, Bridgeport CT
  • Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood is a preschool that provides education to children of low-income families.
  • Children are accepted to the preschool regardless of their religious or ethnic background
  • Approximately 20 children, ages 3 to 5, attend the preschool.
  • Granted $1000 grant is being used to fund new flooring that will alleviate health concerns for the entire preschool.
Our Lady Academy, Biloxi MI
  • Our Lady Academy is a single sex school in Mississippi that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
  • With the high costs of construction, the school was unable to fund all the rebuilding expenses and was forced to merge with a boy’s school in the area.
  • Many of the students live in FEMA trailers and are unable to afford the tuition due to the devastating effects of the hurricane.
  • The Headmistress is a graduate of a Sacred Heart School.
  • Granted $1000 to fund rebuilding expenses so the school can reconstruct its own facility.
Miracle Kids, Mogilev, Belarus
  • Miracle Kids is an organization that provides aid to these families and orphanages in Belarus that have been affected by the Chernobyl radiation fallout in 1986.
  • Most of the harm from the Chernobyl radiation has been inflicted on the Republic of Belarus, which received 75% of the Chernobyl radiation fallout and continues to be subjected to radiation-related illnesses and deaths.
  • The average salary is about a $1000 a year, so running water and electricity are a luxury to families.
  • Granted $300 to renovate the bathroom in an orphanage for gifted girls in Mogilev.
Casa D’Esparanza, Yonkers NY
  • Casa de Esperanza is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of immigrants by addressing their immediate needs
  • The organization holds multiple daily classes to teach English to immigrants providing them with a community and help in their everyday lives.
  • Over the summer, Casa de Esperanza runs a day camp for the children of immigrants in the area.
  • Granted $1000 to purchase art supplies for the summer camp.
Carver Center, Port Chester NY
  • The Carver Center is an organization that provides educational programs and services to help young children and adolescents.
  • The organization also offers a food pantry during the week for families in need.
  • Granted 2 digital camera to enhance their educational programs.

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