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HALO, or Helping and Loving Orphans, was founded by Mrs. Betty Tisdale in July 2000. Mrs. Tisdale was inspired by Dr. Tom Dooley, who said, “give a child a healthy body and an education and they will become the future citizens of their country”. After witnessing the suffering of thousands of refugees in Vietnam from lack of medical supplies, Dr. Dooley organized hospitals and clinics in Southeast Asia. While working in the US Steel Corporation, Mrs. Tisdale met Dr. Dooley, and after his death she took on the management of his clinics in Laos, Thailand and India, as well as the An Lac Orphanage in Saigon, South Vietnam. She continued her trips through the Vietnam War.

Today, HALO has orphanages and clinics in Afghanistan, Columbia, Mexico, and Vietnam. Along with providing medical care and caring for orphans, HALO also works to provide the orphans with education. Their mission statement states: “HELPING AND LOVING ORPHANS is dedicated to bettering the lives of orphans and at-risk children around the world, especially in developing countries. HALO believes that the world's orphans should have every possible opportunity to reach his/her maximum potential in life through the best healthcare, education and training available.”

Offbeat Players
The Off Beat Players is a community theatre company that engages teens and young adults of differing backgrounds and abilities in a performing arts program. The Off-Beat Players provides an opportunity for young people of all abilities to work together, to learn from one another and to benefit from participation in a performing arts program; it is an amazing experience for everyone involved. Since there are no registration or membership fees to participate in the Off-Beat Players, the organization relies on donations to support their program expenses, such as costumes, scenery and props for their annual summer production.

St. Charles Brazilian Children
St. Charles Brazilian Children was founded by Father Joseph Potter in 1995 to ensure the ongoing support of the poorest children in Brazil. The organization has now grown much larger, and supports nearly 750 children in three different programs around northeast Brazil. Its main goal is to “educate these children, to give them and their families hope for the future and to accompany them in their public school education.” Through these three programs, St. Charles Brazilian Children provides education and services to poor children ranging from age 3 to 18.

Mt. Kisco Head Start
Mt. Kisco Head Start currently serves 33 three and four year old children from the Mt. Kisco and Bedford Hispanic communities. The main mission of the Head Start program is to meet the educational, nutritional, health, social and emotional needs of those children and their families, who live at the poverty level. With the creative curriculum and instruction in both languages, English and Spanish, the teachers prepare the three and four year olds for entrance into kindergarten in the public schools. The children are provided with healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks, allowing them to grow physically as well as developing intellectually into successful and eager learners.

Education and Hope
Education and Hope is an organization founded to provide services to underprivileged children in Guatemala. Founded on the belief that education is a fundamental human right and that all the world’s children deserve an education, the organization believes that education is the best way to truly break the cycle of poverty. Education and Hope provides a threefold service including scholarships to allow students to attend different schools in the city of Quetzaltenango, an afterschool program which offers necessary academic enforcement and snacks, and funds Casa Esperanza, which is a home for a dozen young people without families that supports them through the process of their education.

St. Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic
St. Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic is an apostolate of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Operating in the Melrose section of the Bronx, the clinic opened in July of 1998 to address the medical needs of the poor and uninsured. The clinic serves both adults and children and is staffed by volunteer doctors, nurses, medical students and physician assistants. Medical supplies including pharmaceuticals are donated by doctors’ offices and hospitals. However, the clinic relies on financial donations to help operate the clinic and purchase items such as bandages, medical tests, syringes and office supplies. The clinic offers immunizations, physical exams, asthma care, well child visits, anemia checks, various medications, and medical education to its patients.

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