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Schools of the Sacred Heart have a very specific mission expressed in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education. Education to this mission is one of the most important charges Sacred Heart educators have today.

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The ultimate aim of Education to Mission is commitment to live out the values of Sacred Heart education and to integrate them into the fabric of personal and school life. Intentional Education empowers the adults to be bearers of this mission and to assume their responsibility to foster its transmission to the next generation.

The Education to Mission Committee of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools offers school leadership the elements of a plan to educate the adults in the school community to this mission. The assumptions and essential elements apply to all schools in the Network. Each school community will adopt models and strategies to shape its program in the context of its history and current institutional needs.

Rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, our Sacred Heart mission evolves through the experience of those who live it in the present and share it with succeeding generations. Relying on the grace of the Spirit, each school becomes a community where the presence of God is experienced and made known.

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