David J. Bloom Broadcast Journalism Suite

The David J. Bloom Broadcast Suite opened in October of 2006. The broadcast journalism program provides a unique opportunity for students to become effective communicators of the 21st century. Students learn hands-on skills that transcend the typical classroom experience. They learn writing, speaking, and presentation skills while operating cutting-edge technology. 

The Bloom Broadcast Suite was dedicated in memory of veteran NBC journalist (co-anchor of Weekend Today and reporter) who died suddenly in Iraq in 2003 at the age of 39 after a deep vein thrombosis became a pulmonary embolism. He is remembered at Sacred Heart Greenwich, where he was an active father of three students. The suite opened when Stuart Hall was officially dedicated in October 2006. 

Located on the ground level of Stuart Hall, it includes a studio, control room, editing room, green screen, and recording room. Teachers from every grade sign up to use the studio with their students. 

Projects range widely in topics. Lower School students create their own news production called “News from the Heart.” Middle School students learn how to use the studio equipment as part of their computer arts curriculum. In the Upper School, broadcast journalism is offered as an elective to students in grades 9-12. Upper School students in the class produce PSAs, a news show called “Today from the Heart” and other video projects, including original documentaries.