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Come Home for Christmas

Come Home for Christmas Committee
Christine Fouts
Jennifer Sfreddo

With Special Appreciation To
The Board of Trustees
The Greenwich-Maplehurst Alumnae Association
The Parents' Association

Tara Bacigalupo
Michelle Vittoria Gelinas Buford ’88, Boutique Co-Chair
Erinn Laragh Denson ’85
Nikki Denvir
Christine Drummey
Lisa Burke Fallon ’89
Virginia Genereux
Carlie Gillen
Ayo Hart
Carrie Heffernan
Julie Keller
Eileen Langer
Dolly Mayer
Camille Mordaunt
Trish Muccia
Clare Heffernan Mulcahy
Kathleen O’Leary
Maria Orr
Kim Pinkham
Sharon Robinson
Whitney Schwarz
Nicole Russo Steinthal ’88, Boutique Co-Chair
Alex Sullivan
Liz Waldrup ’77
Lise White

Convent of the Sacred Heart

An independent, Catholic school for girls K-12​,​ with ​coed ​Barat Center for Early Childhood Education
1177 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
Telephone 203.531.6500