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Student: Melissa
Age: middle school
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Summer Outreach: Science Academy

Thoughts from Melissa
: One of Melissa’s favorite parts the academy is getting the opportunity to research any topic of her choice in the computer room. Her other favorite activity has been the "party planning project" for math class. This project requires her to use a budget to plan a party, taking into account discounts and taxes and all the other costs it might take to pull off the event.
Student: Krystal
Age: elementary school
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Summer Outreach: Summer Academy

Thoughts from Krystal:
Krystal is in her third year at Summer Outreach and says she keeps coming back because she gets to make new friends and go swimming. Her favorite activity from this summer was making a “recipe for friendship and peace.” She contributed to the recipe by deciding that “2 cups of love plus a little bit of fun makes a true friend.”
Student: Franklin, Diego, Jackson
Age: elementary school
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Summer Outreach: Summer Academy

Thoughts from the boys: All three boys agreed that getting to use the Sacred Heart facilities was their favorite part of Summer Outreach. Right now they’re busy building a greenhouse that should be completed before the end of camp. They all like to go swimming to relax during the day and today they won their soccer game in the gym. Next, the boys are off to make bookmarks to help them keep their places in the books they’re encouraged to read at home.


Volunteer: Jackie Shannon ‘18

: Coming to Summer Outreach doesn't feel like community service or work. I look forward to volunteering each day, whether that means helping students learn about recycling in the Maker Space or playing basketball in the gym or assisting teachers in the day's theme. When school starts, I want to encourage more Sacred Heart students to volunteer their time because it has been so rewarding for me.

Volunteer: Annabell Knollmeyer '18

Quote: This is my third summer volunteering with Summer Outreach, and I keep coming back because the students are so upbeat. They love being able to access Sacred Heart's amazing facilities like the labs, swimming pool and computer labs. Right now, I'm helping a group of sixth graders research Muhammed Ali and the Olympics, and it is clear they're excited about the topics and learning so much about the world around them.
Volunteer: Jade Cohen ‘17

I’m in my third summer working with Summer Outreach. I originally got involved with the program because I think it is such a great opportunity for other students to have access to Sacred Heart’s facilities that are so important to my personal educational experience. I also think it is very valuable that Summer Outreach has a strong academic component because it allows the students to strengthen the skills they have learned throughout the school year.

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