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Eileen Hartigan

College of the Holy Cross - Lacrosse

All-Patriot League 2001
Co-captain in 2005

What was your major?
What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?
Three-sport Four-year Award
Sportsmanship Award (Senior Year)
FAA All-League Selection - Field Hockey and Lacrosse (Senior Year)
Academic All-American (Senior Year)
WNEPSAA All-League Defensive Selection-Lacrosse (Senior Year)
Have you received any awards at your college?
Team Captain (Senior Year)
Why did you choose to play lacrosse at Holy Cross?
My older sister was on the Holy Cross lacrosse team and I saw what a great experience she had playing in college and how it was a positive impact on her collegiate career. I had such a great time participating in sports in Sacred Heart that I knew it was something I wanted to continue at college.
How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at Holy Cross?
Playing three sports a year prepared me for the September through May dedication it requires to participate in Division I lacrosse. My year-round involvement readied me for the enormous time commitment that Holy Cross demanded of me.
How was playing lacrosse at Holy Cross different from playing at Sacred Heart?
The style of play at the collegiate level was significantly different from anything I experienced in high school. I went from being a successful high school player to an athlete that was required to prove myself from the first day of practice. Playing on turf was also very different to adjust to because the sport became a much faster paced game. I think it is going to be a great opportunity for Sacred Heart athletes to have experience playing on turf. It should not only raise their level of play, but it will prepare them for playing at the collegiate level.
How did being on a team help the transition from high school into college?
Being on the lacrosse team gave me an immediate group of friends that I spent almost every day with from September through May. It is these friends that I know will be the ones I remain closest with and will stay in contact with despite having graduated and moving along different career paths.
What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?
During my senior year in lacrosse we played GA two times during the regular season. The first time we lost by 2, the second time we lost by 1 ... and our FAA Championship game was cancelled due to rain! I am still frustrated thinking about what could have happened in that last game.
What did you enjoy most about Holy Cross?
I loved the atmosphere of a college campus and being in such a close knit community.
Who would win in a fight, Holy Cross' mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?
I have to say that the Holy Cross Crusader has a better chance of winning in a fight because the Crusader comes in full body armor... and he gets to cheat by riding a horse, so the Tiger would be immediately out numbered.

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