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Margot Kearney

Trinity College - Field Hockey/Squash

2003-04 SQUASH

Margot Kearney
2004-05 SQUASH

2005-06 SQUASH


2005 Field Hockey Stats

14-14 0 0 0 21 .000 0 0-0 1

2004 Field Hockey Stats

15-15 0 3 3 6 .000 0 0-0 0 0-0 1

What was your major?

Political Science with an American Government concentration.

What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?

Margaret Melford Award

Sportsmanship Award

Junior/Senior Athletic Award

Kara DiGiovanni Award (Middle School)

Have you received any awards at Trinity?

Trinity Club of Hartford Award- Female Athlete of the Year 2006

Bartlett Award -Excellence in athletics and devotion to campus and community service 2006

FH Captain Junior and Senior Year

Squash Captain Junior and Senior Year.

Squash National Champion 2003

FH All New-England 2nd Team 2005

Why did you choose to play field hockey and squash at Trinity?

Trinity has an exceptional squash program, both the men’s and women’s teams were ranked #1 in the nation when I came to Trinity and we won the National Championship when I was a freshman. The level of play and the type of program was something I really wanted to be a part of. The encouragement from Sacred Heart and Miss Hill in particular had an impact on my decision to play field hockey as well.

How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at Trinity?

At Sacred Heart I learned what it meant to be a part of a team and the importance of being a team player. In addition to learning new techniques and strategies at Sacred Heart. I also learned the importance of sportsmanship and leadership and it is those qualities that have remained important to me and helped me to be successful at Trinity.

How is playing field hockey and squash at Trinity different from playing at Sacred Heart?

The difference in time commitment is unbelievable. Unlike high school where practice is two hours every afternoon, in college practices in addition to lifts, personal meetings and going to the training room can take up to 7 hours out of your day. During squash season we worked out with our strength and conditioning coach at 6:30 in the morning in addition to two other sessions throughout the week on top of regular practice. Weekend travel is certainly more of a commitment than high school because we are playing schools up to four or five hours away from Trinity.

How did being on a team help the transition from high school into college?

Playing field hockey right when I got to Trinity helped me immensely. I arrived at Trinity a week before all other students so by the time my roommate arrived I was all moved in, knew where everything was and I already had a group of 20 girls to associate myself with. Also, all of the upperclassmen helped my pick my classes and really kept an eye out for the freshman during the first few weeks. I was so lucky to be a part of such a supportive network during my first few months away from home.

What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?

Wow, this is tough. I don’t think I can pinpoint one memory as the best- however one of my most vivid and exciting memories was making the Varsity Field Hockey team freshman year. I still remember everything about that day, most specifically just how nervous I was!!!

What do you enjoy most about Trinity?

I love the size of Trinity. The sizes of the classes are similar to high school, ranging from 10-30 students. I have taken lecture classes of up to 100 people but those are rare. I receive a lot of personal attention academically and it has proved to be very beneficial for me. B eing so involved in my athletic teams has not held me back from being involved in other activities on campus. I am in a sorority as well as the head of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) and a student representative of the Athletic Advisory Council.

What are your plans for after college?

As of right now I don’t have firm plans. I am looking to live in either New York or Boston, where I lived with friends from Trinity and worked in finance last summer.

Who would win in a fight, Holy Cross' mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?

Trinity’s mascot is the Bantam and although they are fierce fighting chickens, I would have to say the TIGER would probably win!

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