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Meghan McGuinn

Middlebury College - Lacrosse
What is your major?
Not sure yet, probably economics or history of art and architecture.
What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?
Katie Cassidy Higgins Lacrosse Award
Riley Smith Award
Margaret Melford Award
11th and 12th Grade Athletic Award
MVP Field Hockey
Coach's Award for Lacrosse
Have you received any awards at your college?
None yet.
Why did you choose to play lacrosse at Middlebury?
I loved playing sports at Sacred Heart and I wanted to continue my passion in college.
How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at Middlebury?
It prepared me to be a team player and to be able to work with all types of players and coaches.  The work ethic of training and dedication prepared me for a college-level team.
How is playing lacrosse at Middlebury different from playing at Sacred Heart?
There is a lot more training in college sports, we lift [weights] about four times a week and have various types of speed and running training.  Obviously the level of play is different but I think it is more that the intensity level is different in college.  If you are playing a sport at Middlebury it isn't just a hobby to take up time, it is a large part of your life and your full dedication is expected.
How does being on a team help the transition from high school into college?
It has made it easier for me to work and live with individuals different from myself.
What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?
My fondest memories in general from Sacred Heart have always been centered on my sports career.  I enjoyed my teammates and coaches so much that everyday of practice or a game was amazing.  Beating Greenwich Academy my sophomore year in lacrosse was probably a highlight though.  Having watched my older sister go through her high school career at Sacred Heart, never having beaten our rival school, it felt good to finally win one.  Some of my closest friends were made on the field hockey and lacrosse fields, and our shared experiences are something that I will always remember and love.
What do you enjoy most about Middlebury?
I have enjoyed meeting new people and having new experiences on both the field and in the classroom.
Who would win in a fight, Middlebury's mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?
I would say considering my CSH pride that the Tiger would beat-down the Panthers in a fight.  I mean our Tiger is green, that is enough said right there.

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