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Pilar Paris

George Washington University - Squash
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Rye, NH
High School: Sacred Heart
Height: 5-6
Birthdate: 05/21/1987
Experience: 1V

What is your major?
Religion and Psychology
What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?
Coach's Award for Golf
Have you received any awards at your college?
None yet.
Why did you choose to play squash at George Washington?
It's a good way to meet people, stay in shape, and visit other schools.
How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at George Washington?
It taught me time management, allowing me to balance a schedule of practices, matches, and school work.
How is playing squash at George Washington different from playing at Sacred Heart?
It's a more intense level at college.  There is a significant amount of traveling and practices require a higher level of fitness.  There are also a lot of benefits to being a collegiate athlete; you receive academic support, there are mandatory study hours, and players have weekly check-ups from their coach.
How does being on a team help the transition from high school into college?
The team is helpful because of the support they provide with school work and the opportunity to meet new friends.  The team functions like a sorority because we spend a minimum of 10 hours a week together.
What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?
My fondest memory is playing the New England Tournament each year in squash.  I had such a great time with my the CSH team and was also able to make a lot of friends with our opponents, who I now get the chance to see when our teams play each other in college.
What do you enjoy most about George Washington?
College is fun because you meet new people and you become your own person.  You learn to do things independently and experience things you never have the opportunity to at home.
Who would win in a fight, George Washington's mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?
I think that our college mascot, the Colonials, may win because they have guns.  We also have an unofficial mascot, the Hippo, obviously the Tiger would win that battle.

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