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Madeleine Sullivan

Hamilton College - Squash
What is your major?
What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?
Three-sport, four-year award for participating in Varsity Squash, Tennis and Golf
Coach's Award for squash (senior year)
FAA All-League Selection for squash (junior and senior years)
Have you received any awards at your college?
Not I have not.
Why did you choose to play squash at Hamilton?
I chose to play Squash at Hamilton because I love the sport so much. It also allows me more structure to my days and help with time management. Squash practice every afternoon in the cold winter gets me to do a physical activity. Also, the team is a good way to meet new people, form friendships, and get to know upperclassmen. The squash team also travels on the weekends to many different tournaments which is nice to get off campus once in a while. Being on the squash team is something other than just school work that I can feel I have accomplished and participated in something fun.
How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at Hamilton?
Playing three sports at Sacred Heart prepared me for the huge time commitment of practice and matches. I learned time management when trying to balance sports, social activities and school work. It also helps give me a strong base of motivation to participate in the sport and want to continue with it throughout school.
How is playing squash at Hamilton different from playing at Sacred Heart?
The practice time is much longer. Also, since Hamilton will not have regulation size courts until next fall, we do not have any home matches. The team has to travel every single weekend to different schools and tournaments. We also have to come back to school a week early in January for pre-season. At matches there is also a lot more meets and better competitions.
How does being on a team help the transition from high school into college?
When I first arrived to Hamilton the coach asked to meet with me. She had some of the older girls on the team come to meet me and they began inviting me to certain events. Also, since there are other freshman on the men's and women's team, I was able to become friends with people that I might not have ever gotten to know. Being on the squash team has helped me find my passion at college other than just academics. Meeting some upperclassmen allowed me to know many more people that I would have if I did not play a sport.
What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?
My fondest memories were participating in the New England Championships for squash. It allowed the squash team to bond because we would take very long bus rides and we would be assigned rooms at the hotel with people from different grades. We would watch a movie and eat dinner together. At the actual tournament, there were also many other teams participating. It was fun to see friends from other schools and get to know my teammates better.
What do you enjoy most about Hamilton?
I enjoy all the different options there are for activities, events or groups that you can join. Your friends are always around too, so there is always something to do. You can never get bored at college because someone always has something going on. There is never a time when you can't find something to do.
Who would win in a fight, Hamilton's mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?
The Tiger would win in a fight because Hamilton's mascot is a Continental, which is a revolutionary war soldier.

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