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Catherine Nix

Colby College - Field Hockey
What is your major? 
What athletic awards did you receive while at Sacred Heart?
Upper School Sportsmanship Award (Senior Year, Field Hockey) 
Coach's Award (Senior Year, Field Hockey)
Have you received any awards at your college?
None yet
Why did you choose to play field hockey at Colby?
I really enjoyed playing field hockey through out high school and thought that it would be a good way to stay in shape in college. I also love being a part of a team and really wanted to keep playing a team sport at the collegiate level.
How did playing sports at Sacred Heart prepare you for playing at Colby?
Sacred Heart prepared me by teaching me how to manage my team and how to be committed to a team by showing up to practice everyday and giving my every effort. 
How is playing field hockey at the collegiate level different from playing at Sacred Heart?
Playing field hockey at the collegiate level is generally more intense. Practices are longer and there is strength and conditioning training to be done outside of practice time. There is also a strength and conditioning regimen for the off season which makes the team commitment year round rather than just in season. Games are also farther away and a great deal of time is spent with the team.
How did being on a team help the transition from high school into college?Being on a team made my transition from high school into college as easy as I think it could possibly be. I had an instant group of friends from all four grades and a very supportive coaching staff. This made me feel right at home at Colby.

What is your fondest memory from your athletic career at Sacred Heart?
My fondest memory from my athletic career at Sacred Heart was beating Loomis in field hockey to win Ms. Hill's 200th win. We went into the game as the underdog and never gave up until we came out on top. 
What do you enjoy most about college? 
I really like the tight knit community feeling at Colby and the wide range of opportunities it has to offer. It has been really fun to meet new people and try new things here. 
Who would win in a fight, your college’s mascot or the Sacred Heart Tiger?
Colby's mascot is the White Mule which doesn't really have fangs or claws so I think that the tiger could probably take them.
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