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The Babysitter From Another Planet

Call Number: E SAV
Author: Stephen Savage

When their parents go to the movies, a young girl and boy are left with a new babysitter who has more tricks up her sleeve than Mary Poppins. The sitter is an extraterrestrial who beamed down from a spaceship and demonstrates wonderful capabilities. She's able to set the table and cook an extravagant meal just by using her eyebeams. Helping the children with their homework and getting the pair ready for bed are adventures the youngsters have never before experienced. Her presence in the house creates a truly exciting and entertaining evening for the kids as she shares some of her powers with them. So, when Mom and Dad go out again the following week, a run-of-the-mill human babysitter is just not acceptable. Using their index fingers-think E.T.-the children contact their new friend who arrives with even more surprises in store. Savage's trademark digital illustrations with their clean, uncluttered lines show the sitter a deep purple with a somewhat humanoid shape. Children will wish their own sitters were a bit more outlandish. VERDICT A super read-aloud selection to share one-on-one or with group, even at bedtime.

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