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Class of 2018 accepted into 150 schools

As their academic careers at Sacred Heart Greenwich come to a close, the Class of 2018 list of college acceptances proves their strong academic interests - particularly in math, science and the humanities, as well as their ability to work with the College Guidance office to find the schools that match their passions.

The Class of 2018 saw acceptances to Ivy League institutions Brown University, Columbia University and Cornell University; top city schools such as Boston College, Fordham, Georgetown, and Northwestern; as well as a handful of international schools from Edinburgh to Madrid. Below, hear from five seniors about their college decision-making processes and see first-hand the caliber of the schools the Class of 2018 has to choose from for next year.

To read the entire college acceptance list, please visit the College Guidance website. The Class of 2018 matriculation will be made available in the coming weeks.

Ava Bloom
To which schools were you accepted? Boston College, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Richmond, Southern Methodist University
Will matriculate to: Notre Dame
Why did you choose Notre Dame?
I think one class at Sacred Heart that influenced my college process was Broadcast Journalism. I am not sure if I am going to pursue journalism specifically, but the course provided me with great experience in the realm of communications as a whole, which is a field I plan to further explore. I also hope to bring the leadership and public speaking skills I learned within the program to my life in college. I am choosing to attend Notre Dame because I am excited to get the traditional college experience! The academics are amazing, but I am most drawn to the spirit, pride, and passion that surround the school. 
Emily Coster
To which schools were you accepted? Boston College, Bucknell University, Georgetown University, Kenyon College, Loyola University - Maryland, Wesleyan University
Will matriculate to: 
Georgetown University
Why did you choose Georgetown?
The interdisciplinary focus of the courses at Sacred Heart sparked my interest across a variety of academic topics and made learning especially rewarding for me. I wanted to continue to cultivate my intellectual curiosity, so I decided to apply to universities with diverse liberal arts curriculums. I chose Georgetown University because it is the ideal place to study what I am passionate about: government, social justice, and writing. Georgetown was perfect for me because its mission, rooted in Jesuit history, offers an unmatched emphasis on social justice and service to others, similar to Sacred Heart. At every point of the college guidance process, whether I was putting together my college list or writing my supplemental essays, my college guidance counselor was always available, enthusiastic, and insightful. Whether she was answering my logistical questions or talking me out of a stressful state of mind, I felt supported through the whole process.
Lily Lemkau
To which schools were you accepted? University of Alabama, Chapman University, College of Charleston, University of Colorado - Boulder, Elon, University of Southern California, University of Texas – Austin
Will matriculate to: University of Southern California
Why did you choose USC?
My broadcast journalism classes at Sacred Heart had the greatest influence on my college decision process. It made me realize I wanted to pursue film and a major in media studies. I was accepted into the School of Cinematic Arts at USC to study cinema and media. It had been my dream school for years. Throughout the college process, my college counselor was always there to help me when I had questions and also to push for my application and help me navigate those schools in which I was most interested. 

Nina Rosenblum
To which schools were you accepted? MOORE College of Art and Design, New York University, Pratt Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, School of Visual Arts, SMFA at Tufts
Will matriculate to: Rhode Island School of Design
Why did you choose RISD?
I am most excited about RISD’s Experimental Studies program during my first year. The program will expose me to a range of artistic practices combined with interesting, art-focused humanities courses. And most importantly [for me], the community at RISD is tightly knit, and I am very excited to join a student body of talented, driven thinkers. The college application process for art schools is different from other colleges, so art teacher Mrs. Westcott helped me immensely by suggesting schools for me to visit and helping me create and choose which pieces of art I included in my college portfolio.
Emily Wiele
To which schools were you accepted? Boston College, Northeastern University, Providence College, University of Virginia, Villanova University
Will matriculate to: University of Virginia
Why did you choose the University of Virginia?
I chose the University of Virginia because of the rigorous academics and engineering school. Taking many math and science classes at Sacred Heart has certainly influenced my decision to go into engineering because I enjoy the challenge and thought-processes of these classes. I also wanted a school with a lot of school spirit and a large, supportive community. Similar to Sacred Heart’s many traditions, the University of Virginia has many of their own, which was a quality that attracted me to the school.

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