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Au Courant January 2019

Parents' Association President Julie Keller P’24

It is hard to believe we are already halfway through the school year! The Parents' Association has been actively supporting the school through community building events, communication, fundraising, and volunteer support. Thank you to all families who have attended and supported the events we have had thus far this school year. A special thank you to all the volunteers who planned and made these events such a success. We are fortunate that Sacred Heart Greenwich is a community with vibrant parent involvement.

We are currently hard at work on the nominations process for the 2019-2020 Parents' Association Board. Thank you to all who self-nominated or nominated others. Your contributions, whether time, knowledge, or resources, make a difference. We welcome all parents to get involved. Each position plays an important role in the PA mission to support the School.

As we near the end of January, we have a lot of exciting events happening through the PA. On January 31st, we will host our annual Faculty-Staff Appreciation Luncheon. This is one of our favorite events of the year, since we get the chance to thank our well-deserving faculty and staff for all they do. Many thanks to this year's co-chairs, Florencia Grether P’20, Yvette Quinson P’20, and Elisa Wilson P’20, who have worked hard organizing this event. Feel free to support this event by volunteering to serve that day or by donating a special dessert. Check your Friday email communication for details.

We will also be having the highly anticipated annual Book Fair. There are some changes to the event this year: The Book Fair will be held on Thursday, February 21st, and Friday, February 22nd in the Cohen Library and Media Center. The students will have an opportunity to shop during the day but the Book Fair will also be open at night to coincide with the Middle School Celebration of the Arts on the 21st and with Lower School Bingo Night on the 22nd. We thank the Book Fair Co-Chairs Elin Collins P’27 ’29, Sharon Kaseta P’22 and Gabrielle Kelleher P’28 for their hard work in planning this important fundraiser.

As mentioned above, we also have Lower School Bingo night on February 22nd. We are pleased to offer this popular evening for our LS school students to enjoy bingo, pizza and prizes! Thank you to Sara Mendell P’30 and Irene Ricci P’21 ’27 for their help in making this such and enjoyable evening for our families.

The Parents' Association greatly appreciates the support from the Sacred Heart community. We communicate actively with all three Division Heads to see how the PA can best serve the community. Funds raised this far this year will go toward the purchase of a Harkness table to encourage discussion and critical thinking in Upper School English classes, devices to turn iPhones into microscopes, additional iPads for the Lower School, programmable robots and so much more.

We hope to see you at the many upcoming events!

Julie Keller P’24
Parents' Association President

From School Historian Victoria Allen

Those of us associated with Sacred Heart Greenwich witness daily the continual, loving efforts of our parents as they work with us to keep our School strong in purpose and faithful to our ideals of School as a place where students come not just to learn, but to become faith-filled women and leaders in building community. Our Parents’ Association strengthens our School community, not only by its presence, but by tireless efforts in planning programs ranging from the Father-Daughter Dinner Dance to the Fall Festival. These PA programs support all areas of the School: the students, faculty and staff professional development and Summer Outreach. Everything our parents do for us expresses love for our School, for our students, teachers and staff. Their very presence here at School brings us first-hand witness to the love of God as well; they are witnesses to His presence.

While it is true that the official name for our Parents’ Association began in the mid-twentieth century, parents in the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries were equally active in their involvement with our Sacred Heart schools. Nineteenth century fathers gave business and financial help to our schools; mothers worked together on projects such as volunteer work with the poor, visiting prisons and hospitals, establishing scholarships and planning events for our students and teachers.

The oldest concrete example of parents (in this case, mothers) working together still exists in our School Chapel. The Tabernacle was presented by students’ mothers to our Sacred Heart school on 17th street on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in 1899. The diamonds on the exterior and the precious stones inside were all donated by the mothers of our students of long ago. If you unlock the Tabernacle, you can see the names of the donors on all four of its interior walls. One RSCJ told me long ago that her mother had donated to the creation of the Tabernacle and that each time she entered the Chapel, she felt the loving presence of our past parents.

The next time you come to School, stop by the Chapel for a moment or two to see an enduring example of the love and faith of those parents who came before you and whose example you follow. Just like the parents who came before you, you too are symbols of faith and hope.

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