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Executive Board

2018 - 2019

President: Julie Keller P ’24
Vice President: Siobhan Toohey P ’22, ’24, ’25
Treasurer: Anne Marie Mellert P ’14, ’20
Assistant Treasurer: Diane Hong P ’21, ’22
Secretary: Julia Gilbert P ’21
Nominating Chairperson:
Community Building Chairperson: Amanda Gaudelet P ’24, ’29
Special Events Chairperson: Kara Gerardi P ’27
Education to Mission Chairperson: Susie Callagy McCloskey ’84 P ’14, ’20
Enrichment & Spirit Chairperson: MaryAnne Farrell P ’17, ’20, ’21
Lower School Representatives:
                Barat Center-First Grade: Amanda Lynch P ’30
                Second-Fourth Grades: Christine Walker P ’29
Middle School Representatives:
                Fifth and Sixth Grades: Victoria Quake P ’26
                Seventh and Eighth Grades: Annalise Stack P ’24
Upper School Representatives:
                Ninth and Tenth Grades: Stephanie DeVita P ’16, ’18, ’21
                Eleventh and Twelfth Grades: Lana Welsh P ’20

Convent of the Sacred Heart

An independent, Catholic school for girls K-12​,​ with ​coed ​Barat Center for Early Childhood Education
1177 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
Telephone 203.531.6500