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Middle School

The Middle School theatre curriculum encourages students to think creatively and work collaboratively, while developing foundational skills. Students explore theatre history, including the dramatic traditions of Ancient Greece, and the theatre of various world cultures, such as Japan’s Kabuki Theatre. Participating in hands-on projects, students have the opportunity to express themselves artistically and gain practical understanding of the theatre. In-class exercises and improvisational activities are aimed at encouraging quick-thinking, fostering effective teamwork, and building confidence. Areas of dramatic study in the MS include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Theatrical Monologues
  • Scene Study / Character Analysis
  • Stage Make-Up Application
  • Theatrical Movement
  • Acting for Film / On-Camera
  • Devised Theatre

Upper School

The Upper School drama program encourages students to become more experienced, thoughtful, and confident theatre practitioners through creative thinking, collaboration, and project work. Four levels of theatre coursework allow students to build a strong foundation in the performing arts and to grow within specific areas of interest. The Drama I course, designed to familiarize students with the basic elements of theatre by taking a hands-on approach, focuses on three main areas of study: acting, playwriting, and theatrical production. In Drama II, students build upon foundational skills by exploring various aspects of theatre, including directing and dramaturgy. In Drama III and IV, advanced-level students choose particular areas of interest and create in-depth work. Projects may include, writing and editing a full-length play, conceiving and directing theatre pieces for performance, creating tangible design work, focusing on concentrated character development and audition preparation, or cutting and dramaturging a complete work. Drama III and IV students are asked to take responsibility not only for their own high-level projects, but also begin to collaborate with other advanced students and share their developing expertise. All theatre courses incorporate the study of theatre history, theatre theory, world theatre, and production roles. The Upper School fall play and winter musical provide extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in the theatre program.

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