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Summer Enrichment
Upper School - Mornings
Week 1 June 10-14, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Ceramics (grades 5-12) Instructor: Marnie McLaughlin – Fee $325 ($350 after April 15)
Come and explore your creativity through clay. Use the wheel to make bowls and mugs, and develop your handbuilding skills working on pinch pots, coil vessels, animals, figures and more. Learn to decorate your creations with a variety of glazing techniques turning out finished works of art.
Upper School - Afternoons
Week 1 June 10-14, 2019
12:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Ceramics (grades 5-12) Instructor: Marnie McLaughlin – Fee $325 ($350 after April 15)
Come and explore your creativity through clay. Use the wheel to make bowls and mugs, and develop your handbuilding skills working on pinch pots, coil vessels, animals, figures and more. Learn to decorate your creations with a variety of glazing techniques turning out finished works of art.

Upper School – Mornings
Week 2   June 17-21, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Fiber Art/Handicrafts (grades 5-12) Instructor: Marnie McLaughlin – Fee $325 ($350 after April 15)
Are you crafty? Come and create your own handcrafted fashion accessories, for example, one of a kind purses, belts, key chains and bracelets. Try your hand at knitting, weaving, embroidery, patchwork, and batik. You will have a beautiful array of yarns and fabrics to choose from and will create your own vibrant fibers through the process of hand dyeing. 
Upper School – Full Day
Week 1 & Week 2 June 10-21, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Musical Theater Workshop (grades 3-10) Instructors: Eva Carrasquero and Michaela Gorman - Fee: $1,200 ($1,300 after April 15)
Let’s put on a show!!! Students entering grades 3-10 will have the opportunity to put on a fully-staged, costumed musical in this intensive music theater workshop. Under the direction of Eva Carrasquero and Michaela Gorman, students will audition, rehearse, work on sets, costumes and props and stage an entire production that will be performed on the final day of camp.   Come spend two fun-filled weeks acting, singing, dancing, playing theater games and have a wonderful, creative experience!

This year, the Summer Enrichment Musical Theatre Workshop program will be performing Annie, Jr.! Students will work as a team to stage this exciting show during a whirlwind two weeks of acting, singing, dancing, and designing. Annie Jr., which features well-known songs such as "It's the Hard Knock Life" and "Tomorrow," is sure to provide a fun creative experience for students who want to develop their performance skills. 
Upper School – Full Day
Session 1: Week 1 June 10-14, 2019
Session 2: Week 2 June 17-21, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Sacred Hearts Fighting Hunger (grades 8-9) Instructors: Jen Rathkopf, Michael Maida - Fee $650 ($700 after April 15)
Help change the world for the better! Too easily we focus solely on our own lives, letting the needs of others fall away. Join Sacred Hearts Fighting Hunger to help serve the needs of the hungry in New York City and surrounding areas. Sacred Hearts Fighting Hunger will focus on hunger and poverty in the United States. Students will reflect and be involved in discussions involving factors that influence poverty and homelessness. They will learn some of the causes of these issues and discuss possible solutions along with the differences between the working poor and being homeless. Hands-on service will include a trip to New York City to deliver food and clothing to those in need and volunteering at Connecticut food banks and Part Of The Solution, in the Bronx. This service-learning opportunity has the potential to fulfill your service requirement for the 2019/2020 school year in the Upper School. Your full participation and attitude will be the deciding factor. Please note that arrival or dismissal times may be out of the normal summer camp hours. Participants in this course should bring their own lunch each day.

Upper School – Full Day
Week 3 June 24-28, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Fun, Sun, and Shakespeare (grades 6-12) Instructor: Michaela Gorman - Fee - $650 ($700 after April 15)
Ever decided to “lie low”? Wanted to “vanish into thin air”? Had “too much of a good thing”? Been “hoodwinked” or found yourself “in a pickle”? Wished someone “good riddance” or “sent them packing”? Found yourself “tongue-tied”? Then you’ve been quoting Shakespeare! Even though Shakespeare’s plays were first performed more than 400 years ago, his words are still alive and vibrant. Productions of Shakespeare’s work still happen every day, just as resonant, goofy, and exciting as they were four centuries ago. Shakespeare doesn’t belong on the shelf, he belongs on stage, in the park, on your must-see list. Shakespeare shouldn’t be boring; in fact, he’d hate that! The goal of this weeklong Shakespeare workshop, at its core, is to have fun with Shakespeare. Students will have the opportunity to develop their acting skills and to discover how accessible the Bard really is with games and activities. Exercises and staging will take place outdoors, and the program will culminate in a public performance of one of Shakespeare’s comedies on the Sacred Heart campus. Please join us for a week of fun, friends, and iambic pentameter!
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, 2019
Full Day
Shadow Program (grades 11-12) Fee $350

Open to Upper School students who would like to shadow a professional for a week in a field of their interest. Students choose one week either June 4, 11, or 18. This program allows students to explore a possible career choice to see if it is really what they think it is. Transportation to and from the workplace is the responsibility of the parents. Lunch is not included.   Students share with Mrs. Wallace what career they would like to shadow, once an opportunity is found, students register for this program and then details will be provided on the placement.
Online Course in Partnership with SophieConnect

June 7-21

Book Club Adventure: School’s Out - Let’s Read! (grades 8-9) -- Fee $200
Get excited about summer reading with an online book club experience. As a group, students will read an exciting, newly published book that re-envisions a classic novel. Through book discussions, shared videos and collaborative mini-projects, students will really throw themselves into the book - and might even have a live online “visit” by the author. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to share booktalks so that, by the end of the class, everyone will have a list of reading suggestions for the summer.

August 5-16
Tune Up Your Writing (grades 9-12) Instructor: Matilde Larson (larson@cshct.org) - Fee $500
Remote, Online, Asynchronous Track - Writing
Get a jump on the school year and build your writing skills and confidence. This course is designed to restart and refresh your knowledge of writing fundamentals and reboot and revitalize your ability to produce well-structured and interesting essays, papers and any other school-related (or life-related) writing.
Essential Grammar
Vocabulary Building
Sentence Structure
Paragraph Structure
Thesis Development
Essay Planning and Execution
Students will participate in various writing assignments and receive instructor feedback.
August 5-16
Online PSAT Preparation Course (grades 10 - 11) Instructors: Matilde Larson and Joel Padilla - Fee $500
Remote, Online, Asynchronous
This course is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to achieve their highest potential on standardized tests such as the PSAT. The course will focus on determining a student’s strengths and weaknesses in both verbal and mathematical concepts, as well as, building strategies to maximize points on multiple choice exams. The course will be taught by two experienced instructors that have updated the course to reflect the redesign to the PSAT. Students will be answering questions through a series of online assessments reflective.
The following skill sets will be improved:
·           Reasoning
·           Educated elimination
·           Understanding common pitfalls
Additionally the necessary basic knowledge of math and verbal concepts will be refreshed and strengthened:
·           Numbers and Operation
·           Algebra and Functions
·           Geometry and Measurement
·           Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
·           Problem solving and math applications in Science and History/Social Studies
·           Vocabulary building
·           Grammar
·           Reading Comprehension

August 2-16 
Get Ready for Algebra I (Grades 8-9) - Fee - $500 - Build your understanding of Algebra I core concepts and be ready to take on next year’s math course. This 10-day online course is designed to refresh pre-Algebra skills and introduce some of the fundamentals of Algebra I. The instructor will use multimedia resources and a range of problem-solving and equation assignments (based on the approved textbook) to help instill confidence in the material.

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  • Terms and Conditions

    On behalf of my child, I accept and assume any and all risks associated with his/her attendance and participation in Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment and its activities. I understand that my child must abide by Summer Enrichment policies and the instruction of the Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment staff. I understand that no reduction in the tuition will be made for late arrival, early departure, vacations, illness, or injury. I agree that, should my child be dismissed from Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment, no part of my tuition will be refunded. Permission is hereby granted for photographs and or videos to be taken of my child at Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment and the School has the right to use them in brochures, videos, slideshows, website, and other materials.

    Knowing these facts and in consideration for your accepting my child’s application, I, for myself, my child attending Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment and anyone else who might claim on my or my child’s behalf, hereby agree that neither Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment nor Sacred Heart Greenwich is responsible for accidents, injuries, and or medical/dental expenses arising from my child’s participation in Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment. I have carefully read all the information and agree to all the conditions.

    Sacred Heart Summer Enrichment reserves the right to add or cancel courses at any time based on enrollment or staffing. If an elective is cancelled for any reason, the school will notify a student’s family within two weeks of the start date so another selection can be made.

    Many courses have limited enrollment, so early registration is encouraged. Updates will be posted on the School’s website, as courses reach capacity.

    All registrations are final. Programs are run based on the number of students who have registered. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds.

    If a family wants to change course selections this must be done before May 1 and there is a $25 fee that must accompany the written request.

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